When it comes to your roof, age matters at claim time

Wind and hail storms have been increasing in frequency over the past several years. As a result, some insurance companies have begun offering to cover roofs for Actual Cash Value (ACV) rather than Replacement Cost Value (RCV). What might seem as an attractive, lower premium offering at first sometimes catches homeowners off guard and without […]

15 Ways to Stay Cool this July…

In warmer months, it’s tempting to crank the AC or plant yourself in front of the nearest fan. But these aren’t the only tricks to keeping cool. It turns out there are plenty of ways to buffer your home from the heat without racking up your electric bill. And they’ll make you feel like a[…..]

21 easy home projects to tackle while you’re hunkered down

Ways to update your home without buying anything new Rearrange things for a fresh perspective Renovating your entire living room or splurging on a new bedroom set likely isn’t in the cards at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some changes. Try a new furniture layout: It’s easy to get in a rut[…..]

5 Business’Gotta Haves’

Here are 5 quick things that will greatly help you launch, run and grow your business. So you thinking about starting or already have your own business? Well welcome to the insanity. Small business owners are the crazy rogue agents creating their dream, creating opportunity for themselves and other all while racing from the staggering[…..]