5 Business’Gotta Haves’

Here are 5 quick things that will greatly help you launch, run and grow your business.

So you thinking about starting or already have your own business? Well welcome to the insanity. Small business owners are the crazy rogue agents creating their dream, creating opportunity for themselves and other all while racing from the staggering Small Business Statistics.

You should be proud. You are now one of the very few, a fraction of the percent of the population that has the courage leap for your dream. Now the work really begins.

I would love to tell you the statistics are wrong. If you have a great plan and a fantastic product you will succeed. This is my second company I have started. Truth. It’s hard work. You have to put in the payment every day. And you still may not make it.

I would love to tell you the things I know now are because I am very smart, because I avoided any pains and bad decisions. The cliche is very true “the path to success is through experience, the path to experience is good decisions, the path to good decision is bad decisions”.

No one has a crystal ball. We are all trying different options to offer the best product and service to our clients. Once we find that algorethem then we can duplicate and build the process to success.

Because I love you guys SO much I wanted to give you 5 things I have learned, mostly the hard way. Hope you enjoy.

  1. Identify your client. I think the siren (Greek mythology reference) for most entrepreneurs or business owners is falling in love with your own product. My first company www.AuditProposal.com. So many prospects told us how much they LOVED the product. How they would use it every day and we would be like Scrooge McDuck within weeks with our vault of gold – we would be so rich. However when it was time to pay for the product … crickets. Focus on the client. Focus on the client’s real pain and what they will actually pay for
  2. Buy It tomorrow. Or cash flow. Run as spartan as you can for as long as you can. It’s easy when you are starting out to think “man I need this, and this and this”. Like a kid in a candy store. Yeah don’t buy it. Focus on Sales and the client. Nothing else. You will be amazed how tight cash can get in the first couple years.
  3. Stick to the Plan. Make a plan. It will change. But you will be spread SO thin without a plan you become rudderless. Make a plan, you will learn as you go and adjust the plan but make a plan and stick to it.
  4. Get protected. I recognize the irony of me being the author and recommending insurance but FOR REALS. Don’t leap for your dreams only to have it dashed away by 1 event. You will make mistakes and you will initially get some bad clients. Don’t let 1 event force you to close shop. Insurance is a cheap purchase to keep your dream alive.
  5. Google Voice. Really Google Business everything. But Google Voice is my 1 product recommendation. Google Voice will give you a local number that you can post publicly without giving out your mobile number. Use your Google voice number for your website, for marketing materials (like pens and koozies) you hand out to the public. Its FREE and you can turn it off on certain days and times.

That’s it! That should make you uber successful right there! lol I wish it was that easy, but those 5 will give you head start. Hard work, determination, stubborness, humor, patience and love for what you do. This will make you successful. In all seriousness, other than my faith and family, running my own business has been the most rewarding part of my life.

Do it. I believe in you. Let me know if I can help in any way.

You got this.


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