It’s almost SPRING TIME!!!

Now that the harsh weather conditions are giving way to nicer and sunnier spring weather, it is the perfect time for homeowners to undertake some maintenance work that could not be done in heavy rain or snow.

Here’s a list of items that you can follow through to ensure that your home is coming out of winter without major problems.

1. Roof

Roofing jobs are generally bigger projects that require professionally trained individuals. However, you can generally spot roofing problems with a keen eye to see whether you have and shingle-shifting, cracked or missing shingles on your roof. After many months of rain, snow and wind, it is important to perform an inspection of the roof in case there is any damage. You should also look for any buildup from pine needles or other tree debris.

2. Siding

A bit easier to inspect than your roof is the exterior siding of your home. You can do this simply by going around the house and looking for damaged areas, specifically under eaves and downspouts. If you see any evidence of water stain, it usually indicates that your gutters do not contain enough roof runoff.

3. Windows

We mentioned the importance of properly sealed windows in a previous post. Just like it allows hot air to escape the house in wintertime, improperly sealed windows will admit warm summer air into the house and let the cooled air escape. This will result in increased cooling bills, not to mention heavily fluctuating temperatures. Make sure that all the caulking and weather stripping are still in place and remained intact throughout the winter. A good clue to a leakage would be if you have experienced condensation during the winter, in which case your windows may need to be replaced.

4. Leaks

Speaking of leaks, spring is a good time to check for leaky faucets. Inspect the areas under the kitchen and bathroom sinks to make sure there are no leaks, clogged drains or sweaty pipes. It is important to also check the connections on pipes and hoses around the dishwasher and washing machine to make sure there are no cracks, bulges or dampness.

5. Air Conditioning

If you have an air conditioning unit in your home, make sure that it is in good working order. Changing the filter and checking hose connections for leaks are important items on the list.

6. Attic

As we all know, warm summer months attract lots of bugs and insects. They tend to colonize in the attic area so it is a good idea to check for any signs. Another important checklist item in the attic is mould. Look for grey or black patches that could indicate mould. Remember that proper insulation and good ventilation is needed in the attic area to deter mould growth. If you act on it in the spring, you will not have to worry about it in the summer.

7. Basement

When inspecting the basement areas, look for any sign of dampness. This would suggest higher than usual humidity levels and might require some dehumidification as well as better ventilation. Also be sure to check the base of the walls for evidence of cracking and water penetration. If you think it is needed then you can get someone like Sheet Piling UK in to put in permanent steel sheets to help strengthen and protect them. Another important item on the list for basement is examining all the exposed framing for tunnelling on the wood. This might indicate pest infestation and would need immediate attention.

8. Decks/Patios

After a long season of rain and snow, your deck will need some attention too. Being exposed to rain and cold temperatures is hard on wood surfaces. Look for warped, loose or splintered boards and make sure to remove any leftover debris that may have accumulated in between the boards. If the finish is faded on the boards, spring is the perfect time to stain and reseal them.

9. Lawn Care

Getting your lawn ready for summer is an important part of spring-cleaning. Rake the yard to remove any branches, tree debris and leaves; otherwise these items might suffocate the grass underneath. Inspect the outdoor water systems including all the pipes, faucets and in-ground sprinklers to ensure they are all in working order.

10. Patio Furniture

If you are like most people, you probably put your patio furniture away for the winter. Spring is a good time to bring it out, give it a hose rinse and perhaps wash it with a mild detergent. If your furniture is made out of metal, check for signs of rust or paint erosion. If you notice any evidence of this, a simple fix is enamel spray. It will prevent any further damage from the intense summer sun.


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